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Red Belly Piranha
.Silver Arrowana
Small Assorted
Chocolate SM
Black Lace SM
Medium Assorted
XL Black Lace
XLg Assorted
XLG Half Black

Show Male Bettas
Female Bettas
Crown Tail Male
Crown Tail Female

Loaches and Botias
Clown Loach SM
Clown Loach MD
Clown Loach XL
Horseface Loach
Weather Loach
Purple Red Tail Botia
Blue Red Tail Botia
Kuhli Loach
Dario Loach
Tiger Botia

Neon Tetra xl
Black Neon Tetra xl
Black Phantom Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Black Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Congo Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Pristella Tetra
Gold Pristella Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Red Phantom Tetra
Serpae Tetra
L/F Serpae Tetra
Silvertip Tetra
Von Rio Tetra
Asst Painted Tetra
Harlequin Rasbora
Scissortail Rasbora
Columbian Red Fin Tetra Md
Columbian Red Fin Tetra XXL-WOW

Zebra Danios
Orange Glofish Zebra Danio
Red Glofish Zebra Danio
Green Glofish Zebra Danio
Giant Danios

Fancy Guppies
Assorted Fancy Guppy

Assorted XL Platy

Assorted Swordtails Lg

Silver Lyretail Molly
Dalmation Lyretail Molly
Gold Lyretail Molly
Black Lyretail Molly
Gold Dust Lyretail Molly
Black Saifin Molly
Gold Sailfin Molly
Green Sailfin Molly
Marble Sailfin Molly
Silver Sailfin Molly
Sunburst Saifin Molly
Asst Balloon Body Molly

Iridescent Shark SM
Iridescent Shark Md
Iridescent Shark LG
Albino Iridescent Shark
Tricolor or Bala Shark SM
Tricolor or Bala Shark MD
Tricolor or BalaShark LG
Albino or Ruby Shark
Rainbow or Ruby Shark MD
Red Tail Shark MD
Red Tail Shark LG
Apollo Shark
Chinese High Fin Shark

Blue MD
Blue LG
Opaline MD
Opaline LG
Gold MD
Gold LG
Pink Kissing MD
Pink Kissing LG
Pearl LG
Imported  Dwarf
Flame Imported Dwarf
Powder Blue Imported Dwarf
Albino Paradise Fish
Blue Paradise Fish

Tiger SM
Tiger MD
Tiger LG
Albino Tiger MD
Indian Fire
Long Fin Rosy
Tinfoil SM
Tinfoil MD
Tinfoil LG
Tinfoil XL
Tinfoil XXL
Gold Barb
Odessa Barb
Neon Rosy Barb
Cherry Barb
Albino Cherry Barb
Black Ruby
Red Glass Barb

Glass Fish/Killes
Painted Glass

Bumble Bee Goby
Parrot Fish XL
Parrot Fish LG Blue
Parrot Fish LG Green
Parrot Fish LG Orange
Parrot Fish LG Purple
Australian Rainbow
Hifin Knite Goby
Jade Goby
Bosemani Rainbow LG
Red Rainbow
Turquoise Rainbow

Fire Eel LG
Spiney Eel
Dragon Fish
FW Gold Flake Moray

Cory Cats/Algae Eaters
Albio Cory
Panda Cory
Green Aneus Cory
Schwartzii Cory
Agassizzi Cory
Julii Cory
Chinese Algae Eater
Golden Algae Eater

Angelicus Cat
Columbian Shark Cat SM
Columbian Shark Cat MD
Columbian Shark Cat LG
Chocolate Pim Cat
Otto Cat
Marble Saifin Cat
S. American Red Tail Cat 4"
S. American Red Tail Cat 5"
S. American Red Tail Cat 2"
Asst Syno Cats
Syno Ocellifer 
Blue Chanel Cat
Electric Cat
Hybrid RedTai/Shovelnose
Tiger Shovelnose
Zebra Shovelnose-Jurense
Synodontis Decorus SM
Megaladora Irwini


Gold Nugget Pleco
Mango Pleco
Royal Pleco
Orange Seem Pleco (L81)
Albino Gibbaceps Pleco
Snowball Pleco

XL Gypsy Green
Red Rose
Heckel M/L
Asst MD Non Hormoned
Red Marboro sm

Knife Fish
African Knife
Clown LG
Royal Clown XL
Black Ghost
Transparent Knife

Green Scat
Columbian Teacup Ray
Mono Argen.
Asian Butterfly Grouper
Teardrop Sole
Mono Sebae
Red Scat
Silver Scat XL
Marble Goby

Avocado Puffer
Hairy Puffer
Red Eye Puffer
Green Spotted Puffers
Asian Needle Nose Gar
Alligator Gar
Mosaic Gar
FL Gar
Dwarf Pea Puffer
Bumble Bee Puffer
Mosaic Gar
Leopard Ctenopoma
Elephant Nose XL
Butterfly Fish
Fugu Saddle Puffer-VERY COOL

Tiger Oscars 2"
Tiger Oscars 3"
Red Oscars 2"
Red Oscars 3"
Albino Tiger Oscars 2"
Albino Tiger Oscars 3"
Red Chromide

Aequidens Cichlid
Blue Convicts
Pink Convicts
Blue Acara
Firemouth SM
Firemouth MD
Flower Horn
Green Terror SM
Green Terror MD
Green Terror LG
Green Severum MD
Gold Flower Horn
Jack Dempsey SM
Jack Dempsey MD
Jack Dempsey LG
Red Jewel
Albino Kribensis
Managuensis SM
Managuensis Md
Managuensis XXL
Keyhole Cichlid
Red Devil SM
Red Devil xl
Red Terror
Salvini Cichlid MD
Salvini Cichlid SM
T.R. Uaru
Geophagus jurupari SM
Geophagus Jurupari LG
Geophagus Ballzanii
Geophagues Brasilianses
Texas Cichlid
Tilapia Butterkofferi XXL
Tilapia Butterkofferi XL
Tilapia Butterkofferi Md
Tilapia Butterkofferi Sm

African Cichlids
2" Asst
3" Asst
6" Asst
3" Asst Peacocks
Tropheus Duboise
Tropheus Red Saddle
Julidochromis Transcriptus
Julidochromis Marlieri
Lamprologus Brichardi
Lamprologus Leleupi

Dwarf Cichlids
Blue Rams
Gold Rams
Bolivian Red Belly Rams

T.R. Red Belly Piranha SM
T.R. Red Belly Piranha MD
Black Piranha SM
Black Piranha M/L
Gold Piranha M/L
Wild Caught Red Belly Piranha 5"
Silver Arrowana MD
Silver Arrowana MDL
Silver Arrowana (baby- no sack)
Spotted Australian Arrowana
2" Jardini Arrowana
Black Arrowana 4-5"
Rhombeus Piranha
Hollandi Piranha

Asst. South Am. Fish
Pink Tail Chalceus
Red Belly Pacu
Silver Dollar LG
Wolf Fish LG
Wolf Fish SM
Silver Hatchetfish

Red crystal Shrimp
Gold Snails
Mystery Snails
Olive Nerite Snails
Tiger Nerite
Zebra Nerite
Fiddler Crab
Gold Fiddler Crab
Red Crab
Freshwater Blue Prawn
White Lobster
Orange Lobster
Atya - Vampire Shrimp
Orange Zebra Lobster
Ghost Shrimp
Australian Blue Lobster
Gold Clam
Soapdish Crab
Orange Lobster

Anablebs - 4 eyed fsh
Prochiodus Insigna
Poly Endlicheri
Water Cow
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Freshwater Fish